How to Volunteer

Nate needs your help.

We're at an unprecedented time in the New York 27th Congressional District. A seat that has been red in the entirety of its existence gained national coverage after our current Representative, Congressman Chris Collins, was indicted on charges of insider trading.  After initially announcing his plans to remove his name for re-election, and weeks of the GOP scrambling to find a replacement for Chris Collins, he has reneged on his word and declared that he will stay on the ballot with election day (November 6th) right around the corner.


We need to take action and rid our democracy of corruption. Turning a +11  Republican district will take some campaigning, but Nate McMurray is a candidate that truly represents the people of the 27th district. You can read about Nate and what he fights for at

Joining a campaign probably feels daunting. You're interested in helping out and want to see change, but you're not really sure where to begin and a lack of experience is worrying you a bit.  Also, you don't want to be the only person your age volunteering when everyone else is old enough to be your parents.

The old adage is that everyone has to start somewhere. Typically, that's code for "suck it up" and just go out and do it. And certainly, there is value to scary new experiences. However, we at Students for Action wanted to give a place where young adults could come together and rally around Nate McMurray in numbers, and here we have some options for you.

SFA has been collaborating with Nate McMurray's team to provide resources to interested students across the area to join the campaign. 

What Would I Do? 

Political Activism Club- Election day is November 6th. With such short time left the easiest way to organize larger groups of people can begin at school. Start by creating a club which attracts politically interested kids, where you can focus on taking action in NY-27.

Postcards- A simple and effective way to help, you would simply write postcards to voters describing why you want to Nate to win, and why you personally care about politics. We will have group sessions both at individual schools and McMurray offices. We have address labels and sample messages that we can get to you.

Canvassing- Going door to door. This one may be the most intimidating form of volunteering, but offers field experience in interacting with potential voters to help Nate win. Before you can go out to houses, you need to train. Sessions will be held at McMurray's office in Lancaster. Check Twitter or email us for dates and times.

Phone Banks-Putting out calls to potential voters. We would again do this in groups, and these will take place at the Lancaster office.

At the moment, we are largely focusing the grassroot efforts on the western side of NY-27 at UB and various high schools across the area. We'll have  more announcements in the future with events and plans. 

Interested? Email us here, or DM us here.