Students for Action Ambassadors


We are four high school students from Western New York who are passionate about helping students become politically active. However, our passion is not enough-- we need yours too. We hope for this movement to gain national ground and we need your  help to truly shift the consciousness of this country. Consider becoming an SFA Ambassador for your high school or college in order to help progress activism that will change our country for the better.

What we’re hoping for - We want Students for Action Ambassadors to be a path to create a national SFA community. Our goal is to have 1-2 ambassadors in each school that are interested in being a vocal part of this group. We are looking for students who are committed and interested in managing SFA affairs with students in their respective schools.

What the job entails - Your responsibilities as an SFA ambassador will include raising awareness about SFA as well as organizing and spreading the word about SFA events in your school and community. We plan on having media pushes for certain events, and we’ll need all hands on deck. This will involve social media, talking to friends, etc. We will not ask you to retweet every time we tweet or blow up every little thing. We simply need people to ride the big waves with.

Why we want you - In order to not only increase national awareness of SFA, but also to further our goals of involving and informing youth, we need students from different high schools and colleges nationwide who are driven by the same passion on our side.

What’s in it for you - First and foremost, if you’re passionate about this cause, being an SFA ambassador is a clear path to being a real part of making concrete change. However, aside from the obvious intrinsic reward of fighting for a cause you believe in, being an SFA ambassador will also grant you valuable leadership experience that will be useful in your future academic and professional endeavors. Become a part of a movement that matters while also building your resume: win-win.

How to become an SFA Ambassador - Email us under the "Contact Us" page and tell us where you go to school, why you want to become an Ambassador, and your vision for SFA at your school.