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By the Students, for the Students

Our Mission

Students for Action is pursuing a better world, one where students are both politically informed and involved. We believe the youth should have a voice, and our role is to give them the microphone. Our group looks to empower students through information, activism, and inspiration.

By the Students, for the Students

We are a group created by four high school students from Buffalo, New York. After looking for websites specifically curated by and for students and not finding any -- we decided to create our own. We wanted to build a site that incorporates all the elements of activism into one location, for all students to use. 

We are inspired by the efforts of our peers and see the start of a new era in history when students will let their voices be heard. The students have been told to "let the adults take care of the problems," but we will no longer be silent when those in power time and time again fail us. No matter our age, we all possess the power to bring change.

Our website depends on the involvement of students across the nation. Tell us what action needs to be taken, your stories of prior protests, and upcoming events you have planned. We need to hear your voices.

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Our Vision

Become Informed


 Become educated on controversial issues through reputable sources and develop nuanced views to foster compromise. Knowledge is power in a world of misinformation.  

Let Your Voice Be Heard


 Share your voice with others by planning or taking part in an event to challenge the status quo and raise awareness for your cause. 

Call for Legislative Action


 Contact your politicians and share your

stance. Question what actions they will take to address your concerns, and make clear what you hope to achieve.

About Us


"Following the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, local students have created a website that will help their peers get involved with issues that matter to them."



"Congressman Higgins Speaks About Students for Action Forum and Gun Violence Prevention"